Mushrooms for Health event this month!

Hi all,
Hope you’re getting out and spying the season’s first blooms of wild mushrooms! Here at Fundy Spores, we’re continuing to work to bring you the freshest and tastiest cultivated ‘shrooms around, in addition to our tinctures, artists’ mycomediums, delectable dried mushrooms, zines, and fresh-brewed hot Chaga tea.

Our first Mushroom Monday was well received, and we’re looking forward to June’s event — won’t you join us? This month’s theme is “Mushrooms for Health”: we’ll be talking about local health-promoting fungi, the fundamentals of using mushrooms for health, and the interconnectedness of human health and ecological wellbeing.

Date: June 26
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: 1888 Clementsvale Road (next to Sissiboo Coffee) in Bear River
Cost: $20, no one turned away for lack of funds (please don’t deny yourself this workshop if $20 is out of your price range, we’d rather you came and paid what is manageable for you!)
Bring a mug and enjoy a nice hot cup of Chaga tea!
For accessibility info and more details, visit the Mushroom Mondays page .
Download a copy of this poster for your fridge or local community board here: Mushroom Mondays Poster for June.
Hope to see you soon!

Lookout Wolfville!

Hey All!

Get your mycology on at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market this weekend — we’ll be there sharing a table with the lovely soapmistress of Nova Scotia Soapworks Studio (if you’re lucky, they’ll have some fabulous Chaga infused soap in stock, just one in their amazing line of herbal-blended bath bars!)!

This will be our first time with a table at this market, so come check us out (and tell your friends!) — as we move indoors for the colder weather, perhaps a wild mushroom tincture is just the thing to help strengthen your immune system against seasonal infections and winter stress! Looking for a gift for a friend (or want to treat yo’self)? A handmade hemp necklace with a swirly one-of-a-kind mushroom charm might be just the thing!

Mushrooming has been completely bonkers this season: we found a Chanterelle on Oct 30 (whaaa?!?), have spotted some gorgeous Late Autumn Oysters (Panellus serotinus — they only pop out after a frost!) and this week, some tasty-looking Field Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris) appeared on a friend’s lawn!

Late Autumn OysterAutumn Oysters erupting from an alder stand, Nov 2015

Ever-exciting and constantly surprising,  magnificent mushrooms are all around us —  though there’s plenty to see on the forest floor, let this bodacious Bear’s Head Tooth remind you to look up every once in a while!

Bear's Head ToothHericium Americanum sprouting about 7 feet from the ground, on beech

See you at the Market!