Come on out of hibernation!

Hey everyone!

Spring’s around the corner and all the telltale signs are there — trees are budding, birds are returning, and folks are itching to get out and get those gardens growing!

We’re stoked to be rejoining enthusiastic gardeners, homesteaders, and herbcrafters at the 2016 Seedy Saturday hosted by the Festival Clare‐té, on campus at the Université Sainte-Anne.

When: April 2nd 2016, 1-4:30pm

Where: Rendez-Vous de la Baie, 23 Lighthouse Rd, Pointe-­de‐l’Église

Curious about the life cycle and delicious flavour of natural, log-grown Shiitake mushrooms? Consider picking up one of our fabulous grow-your-own mushroom logs, which will be freshly-innoculated and ready to take home and add to your living landscape.

Chasing away the winter blues, or looking to re-up your energy for all the spring projects you’ve been eagerly waiting to get started? No better time to add a health-promoting mushroom tincture to your self-care routine: we’ll have Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Chaga extractions available for a full-complement of immune-supporting, inflammation-reducing, and energy-boosting goodness.

What are folks saying about these tinctures? It’s hard not to be thrilled by this kind of feedback (this customer is using the Turkey Tail tincture to deal with seasonal allergies):

“I was just so excited and relieved to have found something that works!! a full night sleep no need to get up and drain my sinuses (YUCK). You have no idea what amount of medicines, [prescribed] and over the counter I have sprayed my nose with over the years. I was so relieved to find this Magical Mushroom cure!!!”

’nuff said, right?

Looking forward to seeing y’all at this excellent event, and counting the days until the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market starts up again for Summer!

Take care, until next time,

– the folks at Fundy Spores


Grow-Your-Own Shiitake Mushroom Logs!

Now Available from Fundy Spores!

Grow-Your-Own Shiitake Mushroom Logs

Relate to a whole new dimension
of your garden:
Cultivate Shiitake Mushrooms at home!

Shiitake log on pile of logs

Homestead-Grown vs. Grocery Store Mushrooms

Commercial shiitakes are often produced using blocks of compressed sawdust.

Natural logs make more complex and nutritious food available
to the growing fungi, resulting in healthier and better-tasting mushrooms!

The Specs:

Wood Type:
While these mushrooms will grow on a variety of hardwoods, our sustainably harvested shiitake logs are cut at our homestead from fast-growing and locally abundant alder stands.

Logs range from approximately 12-14” in length and 3-5” in diameter.

Yield & Lifespan:
As living organisms, each shiitake culture is unique: interactions between the microclimate of your home environment and the log determine when and how many times you can expect it to fruit (produce mushrooms). Requiring relatively little attention, your log can be expected to fruit for the first time in either Spring or Autumn of 2016, and to enter a cycle of dormancy and fruiting that can last for several seasons.

What is that stuff covering the holes?
Wax protects the places where the shiitake fungus has been introduced to the log. We use a 100% vegan (no animal by-products or testing), biodegradable, non-GMO soy-based wax that is manufactured up to FDA and Kosher standards. Your mushroom mycelium has been exposed to no petroleum nor paraffin.