Mushroom Tinctures

Now Available from Fundy Spores – Double Extraction Mushroom Tinctures!

Tincture bottles August 6 2016

Centuries of use in traditional medicines have demonstrated a vast array of applications for mushrooms in the treatment of acute disease as well as promoting longevity and overall health. Here at Fundy Spores we believe in whole-plant and whole-fungi medicine, encouraging folks to relate with wild sources of vitality and balance, in effort to achieve holistic well-being.

Why Use A Tincture?

Eating fresh or reconstituted mushrooms regularly is a great way to benefit from the diverse nutritional and medicinal (“nutraceutical”) aspects of mushrooms — but some mushrooms aren’t edible or easily digestible to humans, yet are exceptionally potent.

Tinctures are a great way to preserve and make daily use of these medicinal mushrooms:   By contrast to brewed tea or soups made with whole fresh or dried mushrooms, tinctures have a much longer storage life and can be used routinely with less hassle. The double extraction method also makes both water- and alcohol- soluble components of the mushrooms available in one bottle.

Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail mushrooms are all known for promoting, and helping to regulate, healthy immune systems.  Each species has also  demonstrated unique beneficial properties.

Our tinctures are currently available in a 50ml dropper bottle (approximately one month’s supply) for $25 (CAD). Contact us to purchase tinctures or for other inquiries outside of market season.