Mushroom Mondays

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(download a copy of this poster for your fridge or local community board: Mushroom Mondays Poster Sept

Located in the new Bear River Health & Activity Centre (yellow door next to Sissiboo Coffee Roaster, 1888 Clementsvale Rd.), Mushroom Mondays is a workshop series for folks who are curious to learn more about the fabulous fungi all around us.

Each month we’ll explore a different dimension of mushrooms, expanding our common appreciation for their many amazing qualities. We’ll talk about the roles they play in human culture and their diverse contributions to local ecosystems.

Avoiding overly-complicated scientific language, and assuming nothing about the group’s prior knowledge of mushrooms, these workshops are meant to encourage and empower folks to interact with the fungi they find in their lives.

Keep an eye on this page for a full listing of the topics and themes for the future events!

Accessibility, Parking, and Additional Info:

Mushroom Mondays are meant to be inclusive. Please feel welcome to attend regardless of your financial situation: people are encouraged to pay what they feel is manageable for them.

Caregivers are welcome to bring (and supervise) their children especially if lack of access to alternative childcare is a barrier to attendance,  however, workshops may not hold the interest of younger folks.

Presentations will be in English, but will include as many visual and physical aids as possible to help bridge any language barriers. To that end, if you own a digital projector and would like to help make these nights even more spectacular by arranging to lend it for the evening, please contact us.

The Bear River Health & Activity Centre is located on the main floor of the Rebekah Lodge, a heritage building with a few age-related quirks.  The sidewalk is asphalt, and several feet wide, and fairly even (the street is on a long slope, but this part is nearly flat).

There are two steps from the sidewalk into the building: one is 5″ and the other is 7″. The entry is through two sets of doors, the narrower of the two is 45″ wide. The interior space has hardwood floors that are slightly sloped because of the historical existence of a heavy safe at one end. There is a 7″ step up into the single-stall (all genders) washroom, which has a doorway that is 34″ wide.

There is street parking directly outside and along Clementsvale Rd., and additional spaces are located behind the Legion.