Fresh at Primes!

Hey folks!

Primes Market in Marshalltown is restocked with fresh, delicious and healthful oyster mushrooms for all your favourite summer ‘shroom dishes!

Don’t forget mushrooms for the grill (a basket does the trick!), summer veggie stir-fries, sunny brunches, and the occasional thunderstorm mushroom chowders and soups! Add umami to your gravies, ramp up that Friday pizza dinner, or make a lush meal out of some simple garlicky & herb sautéed mushrooms on a nice piece of artisanal toast!

Now at Primes Market!

Hey folks!

Head over to Primes Market in Marshalltown (Digby-adjacent!) to pick up your super delicious and healthful Fresh Oyster Mushrooms!

Grown locally by your good friends here at Fundy Spores, these are the hearty, versatile, and awesomely tasty mushrooms you deserve!

An excellent addition to your summer stir-fries, they go with all shapes, sizes and sauces for pasta, are stellar in a breakfast scramble, and come out beautifully when grilled in a basket on the BBQ!

While you’re there, don’t miss out on picking up local produce from other neighbourly farms – get that extra boost with some Sissiboo Organics Sprouts!

Primes Market in Marshalltown

Gorgeous Oyster Mushrooms!