The World is Your Oyster (Mushroom)

Hey Folks!

Harvest Alert! Blue and Golden Oyster mushrooms will be available at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market this Saturday, Sept 12: don’t miss out!

If you’re coming in from out of town, or maybe this is one of your last weekends here before heading ‘back to “away”‘, or perhaps you’re getting the pantry stocked up for a rainy day, consider picking up some extras: perfect for dehydrating* or cooking into that favorite hearty soup or stew you’re canning!

Now’s also a good time to check out our selection of health-promoting mushroom tinctures for symptom-targeted or maintenance use: please note Chaga tinctures are in limited supply, and will not be restocked (read about our commitment to sustainable wildcrafting here). We are working on a new addition to the tincture line-up to support you in your health journey, so stay connected to make sure you get all the info when that becomes available!

See you at the Market!

*(oh! that mushroom-soaking water makes food so delicious! dehydrate at 125 degrees F until ‘cracker-crisp’)