We Never Left! (It’s 2020?!)

Hey Folks!

So it’s been a while since we updated this page, but rest assured — we never left! Our mushrooming passion hasn’t waned, in fact, we’ve been ever-improving our cultivation process and updating the scope and range of our product offerings.

If having braved the outside world and visited the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market this summer, you’ve hopefully already had the chance to enjoy some of our fresh home-grown Oyster Mushrooms! These delicious and beneficial mushrooms are lovingly cultivated by us, for you, and we’re getting lots of positive feedback from the local crowd.

This week, we’re adding a new selection to the table — Fundy Spores Mushroom, Lentil, & Barley Soup Mix!

The image demonstrates two jars of Fundy Spores Mushroom, Lentil and Barley Soup Mix with a punnit of fresh Oyster mushrooms.
Mushrooms for the cupboard, and mushrooms for tonight!

We’ll give you our Cooking Instructions when you pick up a jar, but if you’re back here because you lost them(!), or for any reason you’d prefer to read them off your digital device, we’ve got you covered — head over to this page for an archived copy.

It’s been a beautiful summer so far, and while the heat is on, it hasn’t been too dry for the local cast of wild fungi characters to start emerging! Hemlock reishi (medicine!) meadow mushrooms (tasty!) and mica caps (cute and ephemeral!) have shown up, and rumours are circulating of chanterelles elsewhere in the province…keep your eyes open and you’re bound to spot a mushroom (or a lichen, a slime mould, or maybe a SCOBY!) somewhere in your world today.