So, you know how they say April fools…

Well, we were all psyched up to come see y’all at Seedy Saturday, and then we woke up to this:


And as much as we’d like to say “oh maybe it’s just a localized weather pattern”, or “it’ll improve throughout the day”…that’s the kind of thinking that led to this:

red truck after crash small for web



only a few short months ago.

So we decided not to risk being made fools.

We’re disappointed to be missing out on seeing all you folks out in Clare today — if anyone reading this has another event planned in the area this month that you think would be a good chance for us to connect with the community there, please get in touch!

Apologies for the late notice, the snow knocked out our internet in the middle of drafting this post. Aaarg.

If anyone was hoping to catch up with us to sign up as a ‘Spore’ter today, please drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to make alternate arrangements to meet with you on a day more suited to driving.

Oh and if you’re reading this on F___book, it’s an automatic re-post from our homepage: to make sure we get your messages, please use the Contact Us page on our website!

Take care of yourselves, & we’ll see you soon!

— your friends at Fundy Spores