Big News from Fundy Spores!

Hi All!

It’s time for us to let you in on 2018’s exciting plans — like wild mycelium, we’re expanding!

Our home-grown Oyster and Shiitake  mushrooms have been fan favourites:  this year we’re looking to take production to the next level! In order to bring more fresh and delicious mushrooms to the weekly Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market, we are growing our infrastructure and making other necessary improvements to our production methodology.

To achieve our goal, this month we are engaging our community (that’s you!) to find 50 “‘Spore’ters” who will each pledge $100 to our project in exchange for some excellent mushroom-related perks.

That’s right: from April 1-30 we are aiming to sign up 50 folks who can each claim a 24” Grow-Your-Own Shiitake Mushroom Log (a ‘Spore’ter exclusive for 2018!) and attend one of our ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ mushroom walks! Not only can you enjoy the experience of cultivating your own delicious (and highly beneficial) Shiitake mushrooms, and join us on a joyful excursion into a local wild area to make friends with the fungi, you’ll also Save 10% on all purchases from Fundy Spores in 2018!

But wait — there’s more! Check out the full details here (or download our Membership Package HERE) to get a full rundown of all the awesome benefits of being a Fundy Spores ‘Spore’ter!

Whether you’re in a position to become a ‘Spore’ter yourself, to give a membership as a gift, or are able to help us out by spreading the word about this campaign, we appreciate you as part of our growing community! Like you, we know it’s important to ‘shore up’ local food independence and believe in cherishing and protecting the wild spaces. Just as mushrooms disperse their spores, we can propagate these ideals; together, we’ll connect even more people to healthy local edible and other beneficial mushrooms!

How to become a Fundy Spores ‘Spore’ter, you ask? You’ll find the details on the ‘Community of ‘Spore’ters page, along with more info about the excellent benefits of joining this fantastic group of folks (Bonuses! Optional alternate perks for out-of-towners!). Still have questions? Contact Us — we’d be glad to hear from you.

Time is of the essence to claim your spot and secure your exclusive 2018 ‘Spore’ter perks —  thank you for helping us make our plans to grow a reality!

All the best,

– Patty & Lindsay
(the folks at Fundy Spores)

A special note: Social Media as we know it is in turmoil right now, and many people have been choosing to remove their accounts from Facebook or to restrict their activity on the site — if you have other means by which to share this posting, please do! We truly believe in ‘real world’, face-to-face organizing, and we’d greatly appreciate you telling your neighbours, friends, community groups (garden clubs, art collectives, health/support groups…), and other people in your lives about the benefits of being a ‘Spore’ter!