We were going to say ‘Happy Spring’ but…

Ever feel like winter’s never going to end? Like we’re going to have one Nor’easter after another until the snowpocolypse swallows us whole?

Here at Fundy Spores, we might just know a little about what that’s like (wink!). Thankfully, even on the iciest, windiest, snowiest days, we can take heart knowing that the mushroom mycelium is out there in the soil, nestled in the roots of trees and snoozing away in rotting logs, just waiting to burst forth with vigor and new growth!

Each spring, those little green beauties shooting up from under the snow are supported by their mycelial partners (mycorrhizae, soil fungi), which in turn share information and nutrients with other life forms in the incredible seasonal cycles of our ecosystems.

We’ll have some exciting news for you all in the coming days, and are looking forward to sharing the details with you soon. Keep your eyes on this space for a special announcement, and in the meantime, feast on these gorgeous mushroom photos: a sunny selection from past years’ mushrooming adventures!

(Keep hope alive folks, those flakes have got nothin’ on the fungi!)