Kick out the jams & boost your health with Mushrooms!

Hey all!

Now’s your chance to catch our popular “Mushrooms For Health” presentation. This will be our concluding “Mushroom Monday” of the year(!), so come out to learn which of our amazing local species can benefit you, how to get the most out of your mushrooms, and to discover links between your own health and nearby wilds!

Mushroom Mondays Poster Sept jpg for web

Speaking of which, don’t wait to register for our final guided mushroom walks for the season — Sept 27th and Oct 1st!

Grow your relationships with the fascinating fungal characters to be found all around you — join us, won’t you?


Chaga on amazing birch

P.S. The summer Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market is drawing to a close — make sure to visit us to stock up on your dried home-grown and seasonal wild mushrooms, health-promoting mushroom tinctures, mushroom-inspired art cards, and artists’ ink!