Hikes and Spikes: it’s fall on the East Coast!

Hi folks!

Last night’s Wild Wednesday was a fantastic adventure into a local forest; we found hedgehog (AKA  “sweet tooth” or “bellybutton”) mushrooms and spotted a quintessential quill pig*!

The fungi were abundant, and it was a joyful experience — if you’d like to join us next time, get in touch soon to reserve your place!

**Special Announcement** We’ve added a “Sunday Saunter” for Sept 10th at 12pm (noon), weather permitting. To sign up, drop us an email or visit our table at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market this Saturday (Sept 9th).

Learn what features of mushrooms make each species unique, discover some of our local edible, health-promoting, and otherwise fascinating fungi, and maybe even visit with some of our wilder neighbours.

Don’t miss out! The time is right to catch this season’s splendor, and (as though this needs saying), we can’t expect the weather to always cooperate.

Word nerds unite:  we spied a nicely “squamulose”  (featuring small scales) young  Destroying Angel, along with others ranging from buttons to fully-grown specimens.

Full details for our Mushroom Walks series:

Wild Wednesday Walks & Sunday Saunters
**NEW TIMES* 5:30-7 on Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm on Sundays
Throughout the month of September (excluding Sunday Sept 24th)
Various locations in Annapolis County. We will meet at an easily-identified location and proceed to the hiking trail as a group.
Cost: $35 per person. Group rate, for 6 or more participants, is $30/person. Maximum group size is 10 people.
Terrain will be mild-medium in difficulty. Registrants should wear good walking shoes and have confidence in navigating tree roots, rocks, moss, and other aspects of typical Nova Scotia forest trails.
Payment can be made via Interac email (fundyspores AT gmail DOT com) or in person (cash only, please) at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders market. Payment must be received to complete registration and hold your space.

To sign up via email, please respond and include the following information:
– Your name (and number in your party, if registering for a group)
– Preferred date of walk and/or preferred location (e.g. “Close to Bridgetown” or “Close to Bear River”) if applicable.
– Your method of payment (Interac security code if paying by email, or request to arrange payment in person).

We would like to ensure Fundy Spores workshops and events are as inclusive as possible. If you have physical mobility restrictions, and/or require assistance (e.g. an attending carer, interpreter, or assistance animal),  please do contact us and we will make our best effort to accommodate you.