Looking for friendly fall fungi?

Hi folks!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Medway Community Forest Co-Op‘s first annual Forest Products Market this weekend! We had a great time & saw some fantastic work by local artisans!

This summer’s been a busy one, and we’ve heard from a lot of folks that they would like us to re-run our “Making Friends with Mushrooms” workshop — so please join us on August 28th for an encore presentation of this beginner-friendly talk and Q&A!

Mushroom Mondays Poster August for web small

(Download a pdf for your fridge or community board here: Mushroom Mondays Poster August)

Highlighting local species that are easy to identify (including some excellent edible and medicinal mushrooms), “Making Friends with Mushrooms” aims to take some of the fear out of wildcrafting, and to encourage an active relationship with your local forest fungi.

In other news, we’ve sold out of Issue #1 of Mycomania! Don’t miss out, grab your copy of our Prohibition-themed Summer edition before it’s too late!

We’d also like to give a shout out to all the lovely people who’ve come by our market table with photos (and in some cases, examples) of mushrooms to show us. Your enthusiasm for chanterelles, chicken-of-the-woods, fly agarics, corals, and other local species is wonderful!

Want a peek at the mushrooms we’ve been seeing lately? Check out some of these beauties!

Small orange mushroom in birch for web

Coral August 2017 small for web

Scaly vase chanterelle for web

Tinder conk for web

Now that we’re getting deeper into this region’s main mushroom season, look forward to “Wild Wednesdays” — each week, an excursion into the nearby woodlands to discover the diversity of local edible, health-promoting, and other fascinating fungi! Early registrants may have a chance to influence where the week’s walk will be held, so book now to save your place. Also, be sure to contact us if you would like to host a group walk (up to 10 people — bring 5, and you participate for free!) in your woodlot or local park this autumn. All of our walks are $35/person.

Don’t forget to drop by and see us each week at the Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market, Saturdays from 8-1 in the market square: it’s your chance to indulge in a cup of Chaga tea, re-stock your tinctures, pick up some delicious local mushrooms, and add new colour to your palette with our earth-friendly artists’ ink!

Hope to see you in Bear River on Monday!