The Artful Mushroom

Hi Everyone!

We’re happy to announce that this month’s Mushroom Monday topic is “Mushrooms & Art”! Join us in Bear River to learn about all kinds of ways mushrooms are used in various art practices, local species that can be beneficial to artists, and how fungi and art can be part of holistic self-care practice.

For inspiration, check out this beautiful piece by our dear friend LeyAnn Meau (the radical artist behind our logo, the drawings of the mushrooms on our labels, and the greeting cards we have at our market table):

“Good Ideas”

Interested in using mushrooms in your own art practice? The black and brown inks LeyAnn used are our very own Tippler’s Bane and Chaga Mycomediums.

Hope to see you on Monday, July 31st!

(Need a copy of the poster for your fridge or community bulletin board? Download the pdf here: Mushroom Mondays Poster July)