Oysters are for (Mushroom) Lovers!

With only 1 day until the opening of the Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Summer Market, we are rejoicing in the first flushes of spring mushrooms!

For all you fungiphages (“mushroom eaters”) out there, we’re excited to be bringing fresh Oyster Mushrooms to the table this season. Lovingly cultivated on our homestead just minutes from the market, these versatile and delicious specimens are the perfect way to up your culinary game with ease.

Gorgeous Oyster Mushrooms!

Seductively nutty-tasting, with a more tender texture than your run-of-the-mill buttons, Oysters make a better than fine substitute in nearly any dish you’d usually use mushrooms. Not only will your tastebuds thank you, but your whole body will benefit from their various health-promoting qualities.

While fancy folks say “Pleurotus ostreatus”, we just call ’em delicious! Keep an eye on the blog for tips on incorporating these tender beauties into your springtime seasonal menu.

Pop Up Market Today @ Sissiboo Coffee Roaster in Bear River

Hi folks!

We’re so thrilled to have fresh Oyster Mushrooms available NOW! Even though the first Annapolis Royal Market is this weekend, we’ve decided to give the locals a chance for first dibs — we’ll be out in the beautiful garden adjacent to the Sissiboo Coffee location in Bear River, from 3:30-5:30 today (Tuesday).

Come see us, and celebrate the first flush of spring mushrooms!

Oyster Mushrooms

Gorgeous Oyster Mushrooms!