Don’t miss out! Seasonal mushrooms and Mycomediums now available!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update here from Fundy Spores to let you know that we’re excited to be participating in this year’s Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Holiday Craft Market on December 3rd, from 9am-3pm at 590 St. George St, Annapolis Royal.

What can you expect at the market?


*High Alert*: Seasonal Wild and Homegrown Mushrooms are FINALLY here!

This autumn has been a gorgeous one, and the forests were abundant with an incredible diversity of mushrooms; we’ve carefully wildcrafted two of our favourites and combined them with our beautiful homegrown, log-cultivated Shiitakes!

Our Forager’s Feast – Autumn Edition includes wild Black Trumpets and Chanterelles.


Dark and delicate, Black Trumpets impart a nearly floral flavour and add a new dimension to the season’s traditional palette. A favourite among mushroom aficionados, Chanterelles impart a subtle yet bright and fruity taste; an undeniable local treasure!

Shiitake mushrooms are famous for their hearty texture and slightly garlicky aroma. Lovingly homegrown, Shiitakes round out this triad by bringing a more complex, yet familiar, umami aspect to any meal.

For those of you who (like us) are extra-psyched about Shiitakes, we’re also happy to have a limited supply of these autumn-harvested gems, flying solo!

For the creatives in your life (maybe it’s you!) we’re proud to bring out a new line of Mycomediums — artists’ materials made exclusively from local wild mushrooms!

Two varieties now available!

Tippler’s Bane Mushroom Ink
Also known as “Inky Caps”, this vivacious and crafty family of mushrooms glisten as they seem to melt on their stalks, producing a beautiful black ink to spread their spores. A unique choice for illustration, painting, or calligraphy.

Chaga Mushroom Pigment
The range of applications for this all-natural, local and sustainably-produced Chaga Pigment is limited only by your imagination! Its thick texture allows for easy use as a wood stain, or dilute with water as desired to create a rich brown ink.

Express your wild side with materials that reflect the unique diversity of mushrooms!

Speaking of the Chaga pigment, check out our gift sets of fabulous health-promoting mushroom tinctures !


Each gift set includes 50ml each of Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail extracts derived exclusively from local mushrooms wildcrafted sustainably in the upper Appalachian mountain range.

Made in small batches and bottled with care, these tinctures are presented in a reusable wooden box lovingly stained with Chaga pigment.

We’ll also have a small run of beautiful greeting cards featuring  exclusive original mushroom art by the amazing LeyAnn Meau (seriously, check out their incredible work!)

An important note on the limited quantities of available wild mushrooms:

As fans of Fundy Spores probably know by now, especially if we’ve met in person at one of the various excellent local food & culture events around the Valley, we’re dedicated to the preservation, and if necessary, remediation of the local wilds. We only sell mushrooms that we ourselves cultivated or gathered — we don’t re-sell products from bigger producers or act as brokers for foragers. This way, we know exactly where the mushrooms and mushroom products we bring to the market come from, and have assured a respectful and sustainable harvest. Without local forests which are left wild to foster the spectrum of fungal species, crucial functions of our ecosystems would be lost; thank you for supporting us in our mission to help forge personal connections between mushroom appreciators and the feral fungi.

Can’t make it to the market? Contact us directly to arrange a meet-up and gift your loved ones (or yourself) with something mycomagical this holiday season!