Lookout Wolfville!

Hey All!

Get your mycology on at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market this weekend — we’ll be there sharing a table with the lovely soapmistress of Nova Scotia Soapworks Studio (if you’re lucky, they’ll have some fabulous Chaga infused soap in stock, just one in their amazing line of herbal-blended bath bars!)!

This will be our first time with a table at this market, so come check us out (and tell your friends!) — as we move indoors for the colder weather, perhaps a wild mushroom tincture is just the thing to help strengthen your immune system against seasonal infections and winter stress! Looking for a gift for a friend (or want to treat yo’self)? A handmade hemp necklace with a swirly one-of-a-kind mushroom charm might be just the thing!

Mushrooming has been completely bonkers this season: we found a Chanterelle on Oct 30 (whaaa?!?), have spotted some gorgeous Late Autumn Oysters (Panellus serotinus — they only pop out after a frost!) and this week, some tasty-looking Field Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris) appeared on a friend’s lawn!

Late Autumn OysterAutumn Oysters erupting from an alder stand, Nov 2015

Ever-exciting and constantly surprising,  magnificent mushrooms are all around us —  though there’s plenty to see on the forest floor, let this bodacious Bear’s Head Tooth remind you to look up every once in a while!

Bear's Head ToothHericium Americanum sprouting about 7 feet from the ground, on beech

See you at the Market!

2 thoughts on “Lookout Wolfville!

  1. Love all the different items you have to offer. If I lived closer I would be at the market on Saturday . Good luck and have a great weekend.


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